Enschedese Studenten Boksvereniging





E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten is a students' boxing association with approximately 80 members, located in the sports centre of the University of Twente. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced boxer, everyone has the possibility to train at the appropriate level, during six moments throughout the week. There are strength/endurance trainings, technique trainings and match trainings, so plenty of possibilities.


Besides the trainings there are also a lot of other fun activities. With monthly drinks and different events troughout the year, like for example paintball, a pubquiz, dies and the active members activity there are more than enough activities you can join! Interested? Check out our brand new promo video to discover more:






If you are interested, feel free to join one of the trainings at any time, so you can experience what boxing at ESBV Buitenwesten is like.


Buitenwesten membership costs €60,- per academic year. You will also need to have a valid Union Card and pay €22.50 association addition as with all associations. Furthermore, we advise purchasing your own boxing gear, suiting your level of boxing. Of course, until then, you can use gear from Buitenwesten. For starter packs or tips on the right boxing gear you can always ask our trainer Hans, or the board members during one of the trainings.


See you at the training!